Among the Gods – Olympus Edition – Why should I Attend?

12 Jun
Among the Gods – Olympus Edition – Why should I Attend?


You have a startup – We have 2 days full of opportunities!

You’ve got a startup, pretty well on its way to its trip in the business world. You’ve worked hard, sweated for hours and hours, until you’ve finally managed to make your pitch to a possible investor. So now you’re sitting in front of your computer screen, biting at your nails, as you wait for your mailbox to signal an incoming message. Instead of completely ruining your manicure, maybe you decide to surf the web, take a look at what’s new in the startup community.

And you stumble upon AmongTheGods.

Yeah, right, you’re thinking, that’s just what we need right now, yet another startup conference. But the website’s pretty cool, what with all its colors, and photos, and great design. You’re drawn – what’s the harm in browsing around a little, since you’ve got no word from the investor yet.

First, you check out the team. Who are these guys, so boldly presenting themselves as Gods? You see young, eager faces, just like yourself.

Then, you move on to the conference itself. A two-day event with speeches – that’s going to be a lot of talk…

But it’s not just that, is it?

As you take a closer look at the program, you notice there’s an one-on-one speed dating session scheduled. And a job fair, an investors meeting -…still no email…-, a pitching contest that immediately tickles your competitive streak. And you’ve always wanted to try that workshop in

Now, you’re excited!

You want to see who else is going to be there, so you click on the speakers icon. Quite an impressive list, you notice as you scroll down the catalogue. Oh, here’s that guy you’ve been trying to reach for ages. He’s scheduled to speak on the second day, then participate in the one-on-one sessions. Looks like a great opportunity to finally meet him.

All juiced up, you check the technicalities.

When? At the end of the October. So far, so good.

Where? Thessaloniki… Greece?

A recently messed up country, not so encouraging with startups. But still, you’ve heard the best about its islands, its food, its sunny weather. The conference will be a great chance to judge by yourself.

You pause to stretch and you glance at the on-screen clock. You’ve been hooked on the site for almost an hour and you haven’t even registered yet!

You rush to the tickets section, praying to every god -startup or not- that there might be some available left. When the congratulatory message appears on screen, assuring you you have reserved your seat Among the Gods, you sigh with relief.

Just as you’ve clicked on the button, your e-mail signals. The investor’s interested, wants to discuss further.

And he’s going to attend ATG too!

You open your calendar, circling the event’s date in bold red. There’s no way you’re missing it…

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